Mastering the Padel Hammer Grip
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Mastering the Padel Hammer Grip- A Technique Breakdown with IPP© Methodology

Mastering the Padel Hammer Grip: A Technique Breakdown with IPP© Methodology

Mastering the Padel Hammer Grip: A Technique Breakdown


Welcome to the exciting world of Padel, where every swing, every move, brings a new thrill to the game. In this guide, Marta and Nancy will walk you through the art of the Hammer Grip – a technique that adds finesse to your volleys at the net.


Understanding the Hammer Grip:


Playing at the net in Padel requires precision and quick reflexes without a backswing. The Hammer grip, aptly named for its resemblance to holding a hammer, is your go-to technique for those rapid-fire volleys.

When to Use the Hammer Grip:


The Hammer grip finds its sweet spot when you’re positioned at the net, ready to engage in fast-paced exchanges with your opponents. As you move closer to the net, elevate your Padel racket high above – much like you would raise a hammer before striking.


Hold Firmly Like a Hammer:


Mimic the grip as if you’re holding a hammer tightly. This ensures a sturdy and controlled hold on your Padel racket.

Squish and Hammer Down:


When the ball approaches, it’s time to make your move. Squish the handle firmly, mirroring the action of tightening your grip on a hammer. Now, unleash your shot with a decisive downward motion, much like driving a nail into wood.


Key Tips:

Court Positioning:


Keep your Padel racket low when positioned at the back of the court. As you transition towards the net, raise your racket high in preparation for the Hammer grip.
Timing is Everything: Master the art of timing. The Hammer grip is most effective when executed with precision as the ball comes your way.
In Padel, the Hammer grip is not just a technique; it’s a strategic move to dominate the net. Embrace this powerful grip, refine your skills, and elevate your Padel game to new heights.

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