Explore our Intensive Padel Play© Methodology Barcelona Spain
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Welcome to our specialized Intensive Padel Training Program, IPP©, meticulously crafted to elevate your skills and transform you into the best Padel player you can be.

Designed to be completed in sessions of 3 or 5 days, our unique methodology is geared towards maximizing your potential on the court. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced player striving for excellence, our program is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Join us on this journey and unlock your full Padel potential!

The ‘Intensive Padel Play© Methodology’, or in short IPP© System, enhances the overall Padel experience through intensive training and emphasizes Padel as a team sport. Thanks to its modular design, it caters to players of all levels, making it accessible and effective for everyone regardless of skill level.

We offer two primary Padel Training Programs: a 3-day intensive Padel Clinic, which involves at least 12 hours of training over three days on the Padel Court, and our 5-day Intensive Padel Clinic, which involves at least 20 hours of training over 5 days on the Padel Court held at our Padel Academy.

You can join as an individual, with your Padel partner, your team, your Padel Club, or even your company, with a maximum of 124 Padel players.

Our main Padel Camp is located in Barcelona, Spain, but upon request, we can provide training for you, your team, or your Padel club anywhere in the world.

Highlights of Our Intensive Padel Clinic

  • 3 or 5- Days of Intensive Padel Training, with 4 Hours of Padel Court Time Each Day
  • Technical and Tactical Padel Sessions
  • Option to Stay at Hotel Emocions**** 50 meters from the Padel Courts or in the nearby Villa’s or other top Hotel or without Accommodation
  • Access to Infinity Pool, Sports Facilities, Sauna, and Wellness Amenities
  • Enjoy Delicious Food and Drinks on the Terrace
  • Opportunity to Meet and Connect with Like-Minded Individuals
  • Experience a Fantastic Time in the Sunshine
  • Keywords: Intensive Training, Progress, Satisfaction, and Fun

Our Innovative IPP© Padel Training Methodology

The Intensive Padel Play© Methodology (IPP©) is:

  • An Adaptable Modular System
  • Designed for 4 main Padel Levels
  • Each Level with its Specific oriented structure
    • Level N: Novice Players
    • Level 1: Frequent Players
    • Level 2: Competition Players
    • Level 3: Top Players

Intensive Padel Academy and Clinics in Barcelona, Spain: What to Expect?

Our Aim,

The goal is to enhance Padel skills by emphasizing its team dynamics, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game through intensive training within a short timeframe.

For Whom?

For individuals, pairs, teams, or corporate groups seeking to enhance their Padel skills rapidly and enjoyably, whether under the sunny skies of Barcelona or anywhere worldwide, our 3 or 5-day intensive programs offer the perfect solution. Simply specify your preferences on the Booking Form, and we’ll strive to accommodate them to make your experience exceptional.


The training is conducted in English and Spanish (both Catalan and Castilian). With prior arrangement, we can also provide training in Dutch, German, and French, as well as through the popular Spanglish and Hands & Feet methods.

Base Camp Capacity in Barcelona: Up to 24 Padel Players Simultaneously, Welcoming up to 124 Padel Enthusiasts

Certainly, we can accommodate larger groups at our home base in Barcelona, Spain, upon request. Additionally, we offer Intensive Padel Days (weekends) at any location worldwide, tailored to your needs. Please inform us in advance, as this requires some planning.

Note: To fully benefit from the Intensive Padel training, it’s essential to be in good physical condition.

The IPP© System comprises:

  • Padel Beginner Player *: Designed for beginners, progressing through 5 levels up to Level C5.
  • Padel Frequent Player **: Tailored for regular players, advancing through 5 levels up to Level B5.
  • Padel Frequent Padel + **: Geared towards frequent players seeking advanced skills, progressing through 5 levels up to Level A6.5.
  • Padel Competition **: Intended for competitive players, progressing through 5 levels up to Level A4.
  • Padel Competition + ***: Aimed at competitive players seeking higher proficiency, progressing through 3 levels up to Level A3.
  • Padel Top Player ****: Designed for top-level players, progressing to Level A1.
  • Padel Pro Player ****: Geared towards professional players, progressing to Level A.

IPP© System encompasses 4 Levels, explore what awaits you


When making a booking, we request your Padel Level to ensure we offer you the optimal service. If you have any uncertainties, please click here.

Padel 1 Star Level Novice Players

Level N - Novice Players

Padel 2 Star Level Frequent Players

Level 1* - Frequent Players

Padel 3 Star Level Competition Players

Level 2** - Competition

Padel 4 Star Level Top and Professional Players

Level 3*** - Top Players

For direct inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Paul via WhatsApp, phone at +34 665 250 265, or Contact Us.

Get ready to elevate your Padel game!

Intensive Padel Academy, Clinic, Bootcamp, Camp, 3 days, 5 days in Sunny Barcelona Spain or World Wide Business solutions

Now you know about our unique IPP© System. Time to book an Unforgettable Padel Experience

Now take one small step, but one big leap for your Padel skills. For this step, we need some information.

When received, we will make you a suitable offer as soon as possible.