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Explore the endless possibilities!

Share your thoughts, ideas, or questions with us.

We’re here to transform your ideas into reality.

Let’s collaborate and craft something extraordinary together!

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    Paul click for WhatsApp, or telephone +34 665250265


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      Discover our primary Spanish locations


      Uncover the distinctive features of each spot as we guide you through our central hubs.

      HQ Event Booking Event Booking subsidary of Scarab Lounge SL, Super, top Padel Academy for PAdel Clinics

      Club Tennis and Pádel Cabrils
      Club Tennis and Pádel Cabrils, Best PAdel Academy Worldwide, number one

      Club Natació Atlètic-Bareloneta
      Club Natació Atlètic-Bareloneta,,, Number one PAdel Camp, Padel Clinics

      Hotel Sorli Emocions****
      Hotel Sorli Emocions****, prefered Padel Camps, Clinics, Academy, number one Europe

      Spanish Masia Can Casadella****
      Spanish Masia Can Casadella****, and prefered Masia for Padel Camps and Padel Clinics

      Hotel Atenea Port Mataró****
      Hotel Atenea Port Mataró****, Super nd best Padel Academy 2024, number one world wide, prefered Hotel for groups

      Hotel UHR Ciutat de Mataró***
      Hotel UHR Ciutat de Mataró***, prefered budget Hotel for Padel events of number one in Padel training

      Head Quarter and Contact Information

      Our Headquarters serves as our primary administrative office, and it is located at Carrer de la Concepció, 6, 08340, Vilassar de Mar (Catalonia), Barcelona, Spain.

      As a digitally-driven entity, our main operations revolve around online platforms, making us readily accessible at the Padel Academy and throughout our Padel Clinics.

      For swift communication, reach out to us via Email, WhatsApp, or Telephone: at +34665250265  – these are the most efficient channels to connect with our team.

      Unlock Your Padel Potential- Get a Tailored Offer for Our Exclusive Intensive Experience from €360, Enhance your Padel game with a custom offer designed just for you

      Get a Tailored Offer for Our Exclusive Intensive Experience from €360

      Unlock Your Padel Potential: Enhance your Padel game with a custom offer designed just for you.

      Take the first step toward an extraordinary Padel Experience by sharing some key details.

      We’ll quickly create a proposal for your needs.

      I Love Padel Shop, Winkel, Tienda, Shooter Padel, Black Crown, Royal Padel, Neon Style, Just Ten Padel

      Now that you’re here…

      Explore our Padel shop at, featuring diverse racket brands for various skill levels and playing styles. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, find the perfect racket for you, from round-shaped for beginners to teardrop designs for advanced players. Choose from oversized teardrop/diamond options to diamond-shaped blades for top-tier professionals. Customize your racket with expert guidance on weight and balance point.